William Lynam 1784 – 1858

This is the last will and Testament of me William Lynam of Heage in the County of Derby made this day Twenty Sixth day of December 1858.
I appoint my friend Samuel Hawkin of Heage aforesaid Maltster, and my nephew Samuel Lynam of Heage aforesaid Shoemaker, joint executors of this my will.
I direct all my just debts, funeral and Testamentary charges and expenses and the costs of proving this my will, to be paid out of my personal estate, and in case the sum shall not be sufficient then I charge my real estate with the payment thereof.
And I expressly empower my said executors if it shall be necessary, to raise so much money by sale or mortgage of my real estate as shall be sufficient to make up any deficiency in my personal estate, for the payment of my debt as aforesaid.
And I empower my said executors to make do and execute all necessary acts, deeds, conveyance, assurances matters and things as shall be requisite and necessary for making any mortgage or sale as aforesaid.
And that the receipt and receipts of my executors shall effectually discharge all purchasers from seeing to the application of the purchase money.
And I declare that any purchaser shall not be bound to enquire into the necessary or expediency of my sale as aforesaid nor any mortgage into the necessity of any mortgage.
And for the purpose of any such mortgage or sale aforesaid, I declare that my said executors shall stand signed of my said real estate and the inheritance thereof.
And subject to the said charge for payment of my said debts, I give and devise and bequeath the whole of my real and personal estate unto and unto the use of my sister Ann Lynam now living with me, for the term of her natural life, and from and after her decease, I give and bequeath all my said real and personal estate unto and to the use of my nephew the said Samuel Lynam (the natural child of my said sister Ann Lynam) his heirs and executors administrators and assignees, according to the nature of such estates respectively.

In witness whereof I have hereinafter signed and subscribed my name the day and year first written

Signed William Lynam X his mark

Signed by the said testator William Lynam and by him acknowledged to be his last will in the presence of us present at he same time, who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have herein to subscribed our names as witness thereto

Ed: Ley Greaves, Solicitor Belper
Henry Hewitt, Butcher Heage

Probate to Samuel Hawkins Maltster and Samuel Lynam of same place Shoemaker and Nephew £100


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