William Lynam c1525 – 1585

Will dated 1584

In the name of God amen, the XVlljth (18th) daye of January in the year of our lord God 1584.
I William Lynam of Pilsley in the Parish of North Wingfield and in the County of Derby being of whole and perfect remembrance, laude and praise be to almighty God do make and ordain this my present testament containing therein my last will in manner and form following that is to say,
first I commend my soul into the hands almighty God my maker and redeemer.
Item : I will that all such debts and duties which I owe of right and conscience to any person or persons be discharged and paid by my executors here after named.
Item: I give and bequeath to Joan Lynam my daughter one Cow.
Item: I give to Emin? Lynam my daughter iijs iiijd (3/4d)
Item: I give to the said Joan Lynam the Great Pot, and to Alice Lynam a calve betwixt them,
Item: I give to William Lynam my son XXVjs Viijd (26/8d)
Item: I give to Richard Lynam my son iijs iiijd (3/4d)
Item: I give to Hugh Lynam my son a Yeow ( ewe) and a Swine (pig).
Item:I give to John Lynam the Younger my son all the household goods which is in the house
Item: I give to the said John Lynam the Younger all husbandrie Gears, Ploughs, Harrows, Waines.
Item: I give to the said John Lynam the Younger all the corn and hay in the barn
Item: I give to the said Joan Lynam my daughter the bed in which I do lye in.
Item: I will that all the rest of my goods and moveable and unmovable be equally divided amongst my 3 children that is John Lynam the Elder, and John Lynam the Younger, my sons, and to Joan Lynam my daughter, and this is my present testament I make and ordain John Lynam the Elder and John Lynam the Younger, executors and I utterly revoke all other former testaments, legacies and wills heretofore named willed and bequeathed these.
Henry Hodgkinson - Clerk, Francis Calow, John Clay, Thomas Dobbs

A room by room inventory had to be taken by ‘independant’ people of good standing.


A true and perfect inventory of the goods, chattels, moveable and unmovable which belonged and pertained to William Lynam Lately deceased of the parish of North Wingfield in the county of Derby, praysed and valued by some honest and substantial men that is to say.
Robert Padley, Francis Calow, Thomas Dobbs, William Ortone.
The 10th day of September Anno Domini 1585

Oats and Peas 30/-
Cow and Calf 36/8d


Plows, Wains, Harrows 20/-
Pewter and Brass 50/-
Iron Ware 4/-
Coffers and Arks 16/8d
Hemp 3/4d
Bedding Linen & Woollens 20/-
Corn & Hay in Barn £3/6/8d
Pullen (chickens) 2/6d
His Apparel 10/-
TOTAL £13/8s/6d = £13/14 /6d