Richard Lynam c1540 – 1592

Will dated 1591

In the name of God Amen, I Richard Lynam of Pilsley in the county of North Wingfield, in the County of Derby, Husbandman, sick in body but of perfect memory praise be to God, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, the fifteenth day of January 1591, in form following
First I bequeath my soul to almighty God and my body to be buried in the churchyard of North Wingfield aforesaid.
Also I give and bequeath all my lands Tenements and Hereditaments whatsoever with there appurtenances in South Normanton or elsewhere in the county of Derby which I lately purchased off Richard Coke, Gentleman, and John Coke, Clerk, unto Elizabeth Lynam my wife for and during her natural life paying yearly unto Hugh Lynam son of William Lynam, my brother, every year for life 20 shillings and after her decease then I give the said land to the said Hugh and to his heirs, males of his Bodie lawfully begotten. And for default as such issue then to
Richard Lynam son of John Lynam the Younger, and to his heirs for ever,
Also I give to the said Elizabeth my wife the one half of all my goods cattle and chattels whatsoever.
Also I give to Richard Lynam son of John Lynam the Younger the Ten Pounds of current money at such time of as he shall accomplish the age of six years
Also I give to John Lynam the Elder my brother Forty Shillings to be paid within one year after my death.
Also I give to William Lynam my brother Forty shillings
Also I give to every one of my brethren, their children, and to every one of my late brother in law John Foljambe, his children and to every one personally one ewe sheep.
Also to Isabelle Brailsford my God daughter one ewe sheep.
Also I forgive John Lynam the Younger Ten shillings which he owes to me
Also I give to Marcell Fell Twenty shillings
Also I give to Francis Cowper Twenty shillings
Also I give to Richard Allen Twenty shillings
Also I give toward expenses of Locco Bridge repair six shillings and eight pence
Also I give to every cottager now inhabitant of the town of Pilsley where I do dwell, four pence.
Also I give to Richard Eyre my brother in law, Twenty shillings
And to William Marriott Two Shillings
And for the better performance of this my last will and testament I ordain constitute and make the said Elizabeth my wife and the said Hugh Lynam my executors and do give unto the said Hugh the residue of my goods not before bequeath, my debts, funeral and legacies being paid and discharged and also do appoint my loving friends, Thomas Cowper and Richard Allen my brother in law, supervisors of this my last will and testament.


Inventory of goods of Richard Lynam praysed by Thomas Cowper, John Eire, George Marriott, Hughe Dobbe and Richard Breylsforth on the 20th January 1592

Impris: Thomas Cowper
26s 8d
a flock bed 2 ps sheets other linens 3 coverlets 2 blankets 1 bolster and 2 pillows praysed at 33s 4d
2 chests or coffers and all other implements in the house commonly only called wooden ware and certain brass and pewter praysed at 16s 8d

1 Waine 1 plough one iron team draught, yolks, plough irons, and other implements belonging to husbandry. praysed at 20s 0d
geese, hens, capons, ducks and swine. praysed at 5s 0d
2 Kine, 1 ox, 2 young beasts. praysed at £8 0s 0d
1 mare and 1 colt praysed at £2 6s 0d
14 sheep praysed at £6 0s 0d
corn and hay in the barn and in the ground praysed at 10s 0d
Summary £34 16s 6d
Debts owing to testator  
Impris: Thomas Cowper £15 0s 0d
Robert Whithall, Gent £6 0s 0d
John Coke Clerk 32s od
Thomas Clay 10s od
George Marriot 20s 0d
Henry Oldham 20s od
Thomas Reason 13s 4d
Marcell Fell £8 19s 2d
Summary £34 16s 6d