Joseph Lynam 1820 – 1852

Will for Joseph Lynam born 6/6/1820 died 5/5/1852

The Last Will and Testament of me Joseph Lynam of South Wingfield Park in the County of Derby, Farmer, made this Thirteenth day of October One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Two.
First I will and direct that all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid and discharges by trustees and executors hereinafter named out of my personal estate and if that is not sufficient out of my Real Estate and subject thereto.
I give devise and bequeath the interest of the then residue and remainder of my personal estate together with the rents and profits arising from my Real Estate unto my present wife Elizabeth Lynam for and during the term of her natural life, or so long as she shall continue my widow for the maintenance of herself and all my children and at her death or marriage whichsoever shall first happen.
I give devise and bequeath my said real and personal estate unto and equally to be divided to and amongst my illegitimate daughter Hannah Wolstenholme and all my other children now born or hereafter to be born, share and share alike as tenants in common and not as joint tenants the children of a deceased father or mother to take their father's or mother's share equally,
And in case of a sale of my Real Estate I hereby empower my trustees and executors hereinafter named to make conveyance thereof and in their own names to give receipts for the purchase money and that they shall not be accounted for each others neglect or default.
And lastly I hereby nominate and appoint Walter Wildsmith of Heage, Farmer and James Lynam of South Wingfield Park, Farmer, as trustees and executors of this my last will.
As witness my hand the day and year first before written
Signed by the within names
Joseph Lynam the Testator in
our presence and by us in his Signed Joseph Lynam
presence and in the presence of
each other

Joseph Booth
Wilfred Hall

At Derby 12th August 1853
Let a Probate of this will be granted to James Lynam one of the executors, ensuing a power for Walter Wildsmith the other executor to prove ---?
He being locally sworn that the personal estate of the said deceased will not amount to £20
Before me
G. G. Law. Knight


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