John Lynam 1631 – 1697

In the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine dated 1979 there is a catalogue of eighty-seven Public Friends who died in Pennsylvania since the 1st settlement of Friends there and these were read at the Yearly Meeting of 1709. Public Friends means those who spoke/preached in meetings. It states that John and Margaret Linam, belonging to Shilltop Meeting in Codnor in Derbyshire, came from Maryland in the year 1677 from thence removed to Philadelphia.

John died in Darby County, USA, on the 29th of January 1697 and Margaret died a few weeks later on the 12 of March 1697. In his will John left legacies to the Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia for a free school for the children of poor Quakers.

Extract of JOHN’S WILL

Lynam John. Phila.
January 29, 1698.
April 8, 1698. A 386

Estate to John Kinsy, carpenter and Ralph Jackson, locksmith, both of Phila, who are the executors.
Legacies to the monthly Meeting of Phila for a free school for the children of poor quakers:
Richard Hoskins, Thomas Ducket, William Forest, Jane Brintnall, Thomas Fitzwater.
John Lynam my brother’s name not given; son Thomas Lynam and his sister Elizabeth, Thomas Zachary, William Gabitas, and Hannah Emlem.
Witnesses: John Davis, Elnathan Zane.

The Lynams mentioned must be his brother Thomas’s family who were also Quakers. Thomas had sons John and Thomas and daughter Elizabeth.

John's wife Margaret had a wonderful story to tell. Read Margaret's Tale.