John Lynam 1592 – 1648

Inventory dated 1648


The will-inventory of John Lynam mentions his wife Alicia/Alice Lynam and son Thomas Lynam, a Plowright. The Latin probate clause records that at Tedgley? Lodge on 4 December 1648 probate of the late John Lynam of Pilsley in the Parish of North Wingfield was granted to Thomas Lynam of Pilsley (Plowright) the natural son of the deceased, Alicia Lineham the relict (wife of John Lineham) having revoked her interest.

A True and perfect inventory of all the goods cattle and chattels of John Lynam late of Pilsley in the Parish of North Wingfield in the County of Derby, deceased, taken and apprised this thirteenth day of November in the 24th year of the reign of King Charles and in the year of our Lord 1648, by us whose name are hereunder signed.

Imprimis: his purse and apparel
£1 3s 1d
3 pairs of bedsocks 6s 0d
4 the best coverlets £1 0s 1d
4 other coverlets 6s 0d
2 old blankets 1s 0d
3 sheets 4s 0d
3 chaff beds 2s 0d
1 feather bolster and 3 pillows & 1 flock and feather bolster 5s 0d
1 linen sheet & pillow sleeve 1 towel & 1 table napkin 5s 0d
1 stone of hemp 2s 6d
3 chests & 1 form 5s 0d
2 tables & 1 form & 2 benches & 1 three footed buffet 5s 0d
3 chairs 1s 6d
4 stools 4s 0d
10 cushions 1s 8d
1 leven trough & 1 plank 2s 0d
2 wheels, 2 pairs of weigh scales& 1 pair of flock? cards 1s 6d
4 sickles 4d
1 cupboard & 1 dish board 10s 0d
3 barrel 3 looms 2 churn & 1 mash vat, 1 tub, 2 lynemills? @1 7s 0d
1 butt, 1 pigiron,3 boules & 1 little loom, 3 cheese vats, a ? dish, dishcradle, 2 noggins, 1 dozen trenchers & 1 little truckle 4s 0d
8 pounds of wool and yarn 8s 0d
1 couldron, brandrith, tarkentine tongs, cobiron pot hooks, 2 spits & prgs 8s 0d
12 pewter dishes, 3 candlesticks & 3 salys & 7 spoons 17s 0d
2 brass pots, 2 brass pans & 3 kettles, 1 skimmer chafer dish & pestel, 1 frying pan £3 6s 8d
1 hackney saddle, 2 pack saddles, 3 pitchforks, 1 peashake, 1 pikestaff, 1 pannel, 1 bridle, 1 muckdrag, 2 iron teamsters, 2 pairs of clivets & wardens, 1 horse fork, 1 mattock, 1 spade old iron £1 13s 6d
4 forks, 1 winnow cloth, 3 gyves, a quart and 2 tongs 9s 0d
1 jack, 3 beston jugs, 3 jiggs, a tin?dish & ticknall ware 2s 6d
1 small sack of malt £1 4s 0d
3 stone troughs 3s 0d
hay and corn in barn £11 0s 0d
6 yokes, wither bands?, 1 gang of followers, 2 prs of haines, 2 prs horse gears, 2 tethers, 2 harrows £2 16s 0d
3 ladders and 1 weane body 13s 4d
1 weane and hemp £2 10s 0d
Meynor about the house 13s 0d
4 oxen £21 13s 4d
2 kine £6 13s 4d
3 heifers the greatest £18 0s 0d
2 lesser heifers £2 10s 0d
2 calves £2 0s 0d
coals & other huslements 1s 0d
Debts owing to the deceased  
John Dobbe for a yoke of oxen £12 6s 0d
Godfrey Wasse for a yoke of oxen £12 6s 0d
Anthony Bennett £5 1s 0d
John Banks for a mare £3 0s 0d
Jannet Brough rent money £3 0s 0d
Mr Cosgrave for carriage of mill stones £6 8s 0d
Robert Brightmore for carriage of mill stones £1 5s 10d
George Clifton late of Balby in county of Nottingham for performance of a bargain of hase £70 0s od
Richard Allwood 9s 6d
Sum in total £192 2s 10d
Debts owing by deceased  
Imprimis to George Platts £32 8s 0d
Elizabeth Bunting £10 0s 0d
John Calow £2 0s 0d
John Smith £2 0s 0d
Mr Hawley £1 10s 0d
James Brough 10s 3d
James Smith 4s 0d
Mr George Taylor £2 10s 0d
Anthony Foxe £2 10s 0d
Robert Orton for rent £2 16s 6d
Mistress Brailsford for rent £2 5s 0d
Lord Denil? for rent £1 7s 6d
Sum is total £59 1s 3d

November the 30th 1648
I do hereby revoke my interest of taking administration of the goods and chattels of my deceased husband John Lineham of Pilsley in the Parish of North Wingfield in the County of Derby, Plowright, he agreed to allow me the third of the living wherein we are Tennant and of the personal estatewhere of my said husband died deceased.
witness my hand and seal the day and year above written
Godfrey Wasse
William Mountforth
Jannett Brough signed
William Lycock X his mark
Signed Alicia Lineham

He was a Quaker.