James Jenney Lynam 1789 – 1858

Will of James Jenney Lynam born 20/10/1789 Heage died 23/07/1858 South Wingfield.

The Last Will and Testament of me James Jenny Lynam of South WingfieldPark in the County of Derby, Farmer, made this fourth day of July OneThousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Eight.
First I will and direct that all my just debts, funeral expenses andTestamentary expenses be paid and discharges out of my person estate by my executrix's hereinafter named and after payment as aforesaid,
I give and bequeath all the interests, profits, rents and annual proceeds of all my real and personal estate and effects unto Elizabeth Lynam the widow of my late nephew Joseph Lynam (who now lives with me for and during the term of her natural life but, if she shall contract any marriage with anyone, I hereby direct that she shall give up the whole of her interest in my said and real and personal estate as aforesaid unto my other executrix's hereinafter named.
And I will and direct the same shall be appropriated to the maintenance and bringing up of the children of my late nephew Joseph Lynam deceased and Elizabeth his wife, until the youngest of such children shall attain the age of twenty one years.
And I further will and direct that at the decease or marriage of the said Elizabeth Lynam whichsoever shall first happen, the whole of my said real and personal estate shall be sold and converted into money by public auction or otherwise for the best price that can be gotten for the same, and the proceeds shall be equally divided to and amongst all the children of my said nephew Joseph Lynam and Elizabeth his wife, namely Hannah Wolstenholme (their illegitimate daughter) Sarah Lynam, Samuel Lynam, Elizabeth Lynam and James Lynam, share and share alike, on the youngest of such children attaining the age of twenty one years, the children of a deceased father or mother to take their father or mother's share equally.
And lastly I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the said Elizabeth Lynam, widow, Hannah Wolstenholme and Sarah Lynam, Trustees and executrix's of this my last will and Testament, revoking all other wills by me made.
And whom I empower to make legal a conveyance to my real estate, and to whom I also devise all estates vested without the concurrence of my heir at law, or any other person whomsoever and to whom.
I also devise all estates vested in me as trustee with the equities affecting the same.
As witness my hand the day and year first before written

James Jenny Lynam

Signed by the said James Jenny Lynam the Testator, as and for his lastwill and Testament in our presence and in the presence of each other
Witnessed by Thomas Wolstenholme
William Frederick Hall of Dale House Alfreton

James Jenny Lynam was buried at Heage in the same grave as nephew JosephLynam

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