James Lynam 1678 – 1732

James Lynam who married Sarah Bush (1683 – 1755) left an interesting will:

The last Will and Testaments of James Lynam of Bilsthorpe, Yeoman
First that my debts and funeral charges be paid then I leave all my ---and worldly goods to my wife Sarah Lynam and my son William except a sufficent continuity for my son James to maintain him at Cambridge till he has completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree work
I make her == my wife and son William stewards to this will
But if my wife should marry then I leave her Fifty Pounds of money and if my son William should prove undutiful and ---extravagant then it is my will that my wife shall have power to restrain him by giving him whatsoever she judge fit at her own distribution and for him to demand nothing, but as she shall please.
I bequeath also five Pounds for the poor of Bilsthorpe---if it -----now New Year day to ---missed and other poor people-------------------------
signed William Lynam
Witness Elizabeth Anne Pinder
Joseph Wright


Inventory November 1732 of Goods and Chattles of James Lynam late deceased of Bilsthorpe Yeoman

Personal apparel
£5 0s 0d
In the house clock pewter and other things £5 0s 0d
In the kitchen pewter & brass & other things £6 5s 0d
In the dairy milk vapplo shelves & other things £1 0s 0d
In the parlour chest of drawer, ten chairs & other things £5 10s 0d
In the parlour chamber 2 beds & other things £6 0s 0d
In the house hams, bacon, cheese, corn & other things £8 8s 4d
In the servants chamber 1 bed, corn & other things £4 2s 6d
In the corn chamber Stirks & house horse & corn £12 0s 0d
Linen in general £2 0s 0d
At Mansfield 28 quart of malt £28 0s 0d
Barley thrashed and unthrashed £28 0s 0d
Rye stacks £15 0s 0d
Peas and oat stack £24 0s 0d
Rye at Mansfield £8 5s 0d
Hay £10 0s 0d
Wagons, carts, plough, horse goods, harrow & all other husbandry things £27 11s 0d
25 beasts, young and colts £42 0s 0d
Horses young and 80 sheep £50 10s 0d
186 sheep £67 5s 0d
Hovolve Briand and all other things overlooked £6 6s 8d
TOTAL £379 8s 6d
Taken by Charles Northage and Thomas Flint X mark