James Lynam 1624 – 1662

Will of James Lynam born 13 December 1624 died 16 February 1662

Will/Inventory taken of the goods of James Lynam of Pilsley, taken the first day of May 1662

Imprimis, his purse and Apparel £2 13s 4d
item: 1 plate, 1 land iron, 1 mortar
& pestle, 1 pr bellows,
stuff of his husslements about the fire 8s 0d
item: 3 chairs in the house 3s 0d
item: dishboard with 2 kittes & stuff
& other things 5s 0d
item: 1 cupboard, 1 plate of sterling silver 13s 4d
item: all the brass £1 13s 4d
item: 8 pewter dishes with sundry
other plates 10s 0d
item: in the parlour 1 cupboard & chest
and other things £1 10s 0d
item: in the mill house and stables 2s 0d
item: in the Chamber, 1 bedstead with
other husslements.5s 0d
item: 1 feather bed with other bedding
in the Chamber £210s 0d
item: 4prs sheets, 1 bedheading
with 5 ? others £213 4d
item: in his shop his goods and land
with other things £16s 8d
item: some boards15s 0d
item: all the husbandrie ? goods £4 00s 0d
item:2 saddles and 1 bridle 10s 0d
item: Joiner thing in the back house 15s 0d
item: 4 bullocks £1400s 0d
item: 2 heifers and 1 horse £9 00s 0d
item: 1 cow and 6 calves £9 00s 0d
item: 2 sheays 8s 0d
item: corn of the grosser ? £13 00s 0d
item: the Lease £10 00s0d
total £7411s 0d

this is written when probate was granted
For my very loving friend Mr Simon Mostin, Lichfield this day.

Wm Mostin my Lord ? sent you ? desire you to send me a letter of Administration of the goods and chattels of James Lynam deceased of Pilsley in the parish of North Wingfield. Elizabeth Lynam which was his wife will take it now she has married to Richard Ludlum in the same parish and he will join with her fee
I desire you to give us time for the Inventory. I desire you to direct the commission to Mr Nickson of Morton. Fee I have send you here for it is 16s 4d
I shall send you all the commission and bond the next return for evermore at this time I
your loving friend
Samuel Wheaton

November 25 1662
Latin Probate clause translates ( as closely as I can)

Litchfield 28 November 1662
Administration of the goods which were of James Lyneham of the parish of North Wingfield in the county of Derby, deceased, to Elizabeth Ludlum alias Lyneham relict of the deceased aforesaid, Granted to Mr Nickson, Clerk, Vicar of Morton on account of Elizabeth Ludlum alias Lyneham of North Wingfield in the county aforesaid and in accordance with inventory since the feast of purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Estate under £20

Debts owing to the deceased
Richard Bacon 8s 0d
Thomas Croft 1s 6d
John Ashmore 1s 6d

Debt owing by deceased
Anthony Prisswedge? £5 00s 0d
Owing besides £5 18s 6d
to William Birke £1 00s 0d
to William Savage for wages 18s 0d
Total owing £12 16s 6d

William Slater
Thomas Lynam
Ralph Hartley

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