Erasmus Lynam 1743 – 1817

The will of Erasmus Lynam born 4/3/1743 Duffield died 24/6/1817 Hazlewood

In the name of God Amen. I Erasmus Lynam of Hazlewood in the Parish of Duffield in the County of Derby, Yeoman, being of sound and disposing mind do make publish and declare this my Last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say,
First I give and devise and bequeath unto my son Erasmus Lynam all that my Messuage or Dwelling House and Brew house there to adjoining, in the several occupations of John Slater and Thomas Blacker, together with the Garden belonging to the said first mentioned House occupied by the said John Slater and so much of the Orchard as will be even with the nether or South End of the said House, and also all those my two Closes called and known by the names of the Calf Close and Long Bradley with their appurtenances from and after the decease of my beloved wife.
To him and his heirs and assigns for ever on this condition never the less, that he pay unto my three daughters, Ann Lynam, Elizabeth Walker,and Dorothy Lynam each the sum of Twenty Pounds in twelve months next after the decease of my said wife,
And to my two grandchildren, Thomas Lynam and Mary Lynam each the sum of Ten Pounds when they shall arrive at their several ages of twenty-one years.
And also to pay a debt of Forty Pounds which I owe to the executors of the late Mr Haywood of Duffield, deceased, when ever the same shall be demanded.
To my second son John Lynam, I give and bequeath all that my Dwelling House called the Green House in the occupation of Thomas Smith, and also the Croft lying to the same, now in my own occupation, he paying to my said daughter Ann the sum of Ten Pounds, twelve months after the decease of my said wife in case she happens to survive me, to my said son John, his heirs and assigns for ever.
To my third son William Lynam, I give and bequeath my two remaining North End Houses and Outbuildings there to belonging no in the holding or occupation of John Lynam and Samuel Bembridge, with the remaining part of the Orchard, now in the occupation of the said John Slater, and the two Gardens occupied by John Lynam and Thomas Blackner from the decease of my said wife, to him and his heirs for ever.
My Pump to be for the joint or equal use of my said two sons, Erasmus Lynam and William Lynam and their assigns.
To my said wife Dorothy Lynam I give and bequeath the use of my household goods and furniture and personal estate, and also the income, rents,issues and profits of all my estate and effects during the term of her natural life, and from and after her decease, all my said personally to my said son William Lynam, he paying all my just debts and funeral expenses, and the funeral expenses of my said wife, and revoking all former wills by me at any time here to fore made, I make, constitute and appoint my said wife Dorothy Lynam executrix, and my said son William Lynam executor of this my last will and testament.
In the witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this Twenty Third Day of May One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen.
Signed Erasmus Lynam X his mark
Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the within named
Testator Erasmus Lynam in the presence of us in his presence and that of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereof: James Hickling, John Hickling, Abraham Webster
Erasmus Lynam died 24th of June 1817

At Derby 14th October 1817
Let a Probate of this will be granted to William Lynam of Hazlewood in the Parish of Duffield in the County of Derby, Farmer and of executor, reserving a power for Dorothy Lynam of the same place, widow the executrix.
Being duly sworn also that the personal estate is not of the value of £20 before me Chas Buckeridge

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