Thomas Lynam Broomhead in the Great War 1914–1918

Thomas Lynam Broomhead was born in 1875, the son of Mary Lynam and John Broomhead.
He enlisted at Rotherham on the 7th September 1914 under the name of Thomas LYNAM. He enlisted into the 11th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (No. 6646) aged 39 years 10 months, a widowed miner. Previously he had served with the 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters (No 3504) being discharged 16 August 1902 having served his time.

He was promoted to Sergeant and later was transferred into the Leicestershire Regiment (No TR/6230)

At some time in his army service it was discovered that although enlisted as Thomas LYNAM his birth certificate named him as Thomas Lynam BROOMHEAD. This entailed changing army records and Thomas had to sign a Declaration:

I Thomas Lynam Broomhead do solemly and sincerely declare that I was enlisted on the seventh of September 1914 under the name of Thomas Lynam which name I now declare to be incorrect. The name of Thomas Lynam Broomhead contained in the Certificate of Birth, I now declare to be my true name, and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provision of an Act made and passed in the sixth year of the reign of King William the Fourth Chapter 52 entitled “The Statuary Declarations Act 1535”
Thomas Lynam Broomhead Sergt 11th Sherwood Foresters
this tenth day of July 1915

Army Record
Posted 7.9.14
Promoted Cpl 8.9.14
Acting Sgt 19.11.14
Confirmed Sgt 16.1.15
Discharged no longer fit 4/12/18
Adopted Niece Mary Emma Cave, 20 Millhouses, Stavely.
Married Emily Thompson 6 June 1915 at Maidstone

Medal Roll Index
Notts & Derby Sgt 6646
Leicester Regiment Sgt TR/6230
Awarded Victory, Brirish War and 15-Star medals
Entered France 27.8.19
Disd. 14.9.18
Previous Service
1st Bn Sherwood Foresters No 3504
Discharged 16 August 1902 (Time expired)