Herbert Lynam 1888–1952

Herbert Lynam


Herbert Lynam wife and son

Herbert, Gertrude and son Clifford Albert

Herbert Lynam

Herbert and Gertrude Lynam

Herbert and his wife Gertrude (née Hardy)
The young lady is Mabel Lynam, their niece, daughter of his brother Jack

Timothy Lynam's famiy c 1902

Herbert's parents Timothy & Sarah Ann with his siblings c 1902

L–R: seated Albert (b 1883), Timothy (b 1862), Fred (b 1891), Mary Elizabeth (b 1884)
Herbert (b 1888), Sarah Ann (b 1862), Seated John/Jack (b 1886)

L–R front: Lilian (b 1900), Sarah Annie (b 1890), Dorothy (b 1896), William (b 1892), Selina May (b 1894), Ellen/Nell (b 1898)


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