The records also include details of the related families into which they married.

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Most of the Derbyshire Lynams can be traced back to William Lynam (c1515–1585) and Cecilia Lynam (c1515–1583) in the North Wingfield area. Some of their descendents were Quakers whose history makes for fascinating reading.

To protect people's privacy anyone born after 1920 without a death date is only recorded by their surname and no personal date recorded.

Lynam data base

Margaret Lynam and the Quakers 1661

Lynams in WW1

Lynam name

Lynam wills

Fritchley poem by E.M. Lynam

Lynam photographs

Land Transactions

Lynam Quakers

Lynams and the courts

Newspaper snippets

William Lynam notes 1849

The following records are largely thanks to the late Valerie Jones (née Lynam) who researched the Derbyshire Lynam name for many years and who gave of her considerable knowledge so generously. Research into my wife's Lynam family would have been so much the poorer without her support and input. It was delight to have worked alongside her.

I am grateful to Davina Bradley who has allowed me access to all Valerie's research and for her encouragement in creating this website.

The site is still in creation and will develop over the coming months. There are many wills and biographies to be transcribed and added. Keep checking the date of the latest addition to the site

Peter Patilla

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